Money Mediation


money meditation

money meditation (quicktime video 17 min)

rush meditation

rush meditation (quicktime video 5 min)

pigeon meditation

pigeon meditation (quicktime video 5 min)

jackhammer meditation

jackhammer meditation (quicktime video 5 min)


Lydia Eccles is a Boston artist who has also been volunteering as a Test Human for Universal Aliens, a transcendental phenomenological research outfit researching the Human Experiment since the year 2000, when for the full year of 2000 was a test subject in a complete media deprivation experiment requiring her to strictly eliminate all voluntary exposure to news in any form, as well as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, films, recorded music in any form, internet, e-mail, and currently published books. (Having largely continued the blackout since 2000, she has never seen video footage or news coverage of the Twin Towers event.) Her previous efforts included campaign managing the 1996 Unabomber Presidential Write-in Campaign, and a lawsuit ("You're Soaking in It!") against Boston's subway system for installing televisions in subway stations that would broadcast advertising and state-selected news.


Lydia Eccles
PO Box 120494
Boston, MA 02112

[note: Lydia Eccles has chosen not to have a website -- this page has been provided by be something as an additional resource for viewing her work.]